Democrat Robert Garcia just got a Thirsty Award and his response is the GAYEST thing ever

Gay Democratic Representative George Santos had a hilarious response to winning a Thirsty Award
Gay Democratic Representative George Santos had a hilarious response to winning a Thirsty Award

Democratic Representative Robert Garcia is thirsty AF!

The out gay politician’s media savvy and love of the limelight just scored him a place on Politico’s second annual Thirsty Awards list, and his response to the honor is sending us.

While Politico is mainly known for its serious coverage of American politics, it occasionally gets a little cheeky. For the first time last year, the news organization handed out prizes to the “most shamelessly media-seeking members of Congress,” this year, there are ten new faces, including our fave gay Democrat.

Garcia won the title of “Most Likely to Trumpet His Own Thirsty Award,” with Politico saying that the congressman positioned himself in opposition to the MAGA-obsessed politicians across the aisle, and he delivered “on that vow with thirstastic relish.” They also cited his constant trolling of disgraced former Rep. George Santos, his frequent social media posts, the “impassioned speeches” he’s given at press conferences and on countless news shows, and his interview with People as reasons he went home with the award.

After Politico’s California bureau chief Christopher Cadelgo took to X (formerly Twitter) to congratulate the Democratic politician on his win, Garcia — known for quoting the Real Housewives on Capitol Hill — responded to the prize in the most fabulously gay way possible.

He posted a GIF of Drag Race star Adore Delano sipping a drink and wrote, “I’m parched.” Clearly, they gave him the right award!

Garcia wasn’t the only gay congressman on the list. Santos also scored an award, which makes sense considering his social media presence, penchant for making Cameos, and, you know, lying to the media every chance he got. Also included on the list are Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Rep. Jared Moskowitz, Sen. Mike Lee, and Sen. John Fetterman. The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Rep. Matt Gaetz scored the “Anything to Distract from the Scandal” Award, which feels correct. Rep. Mike Collins got the “Insatiable Memes” Award, and Rep. Nancy Mace won the People’s Choice Award.

We stan a messy queen, and having one on Capitol Hill is the best thing that’s happened in Congress in ages. If Garcia stays vigilant, he may just take home the Lifetime Achievement Award himself someday!