Democratic reps urge Missouri governor to stop execution of convicted veteran

Two Missouri Democrats urged their state’s governor, Mike Parson (R), to stop the execution of a convicted veteran in a letter dated Friday.

“We write today to urgently ask that you halt the execution of David Hosier scheduled for June 11, 2024,” reads the letter from Democratic Missouri Reps. Cori Bush and Emanuel Cleaver.

“As lawmakers, we are committed to building a Missouri that is a beacon of justice, and we strive daily to represent the needs and demands of Missourians across the state,” the letter continues. “We strongly urge Mr. Hosier’s clemency request be immediately granted.”

According to The Associated Press, Hosier is set to be put to death next week due to his 2009 killing of Angela and Rodney Gilpin. His attorney has also said that he was recently diagnosed with heart failure, and his sister has said he is living with atrial fibrillation, resulting in an irregular heartbeat.

“Mr. Hosier is a 69-year-old veteran of the United States Navy, and a former EMT and firefighter with the Jefferson City Fire Department,” the letter from the two representatives reads. “When he was just 16-years-old his father, Detective Sergeant Glen Hosier, was shot in the line of duty. This tragic loss left an indelible mark on Mr. Hosier, who never had the chance to say goodbye to his father.”

“Following this, he was repeatedly failed by the lack of institutionalized support for mental health resources for those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty,” Bush and Cleaver continued. “He has been diagnosed by clinical psychologists with Major Depressive Disorder, which doctors linked to his hindered ability to cope with adverse situations. All of these symptoms are consistent with someone who suffered trauma at an early age which was not treated appropriately.”

Hosier has always maintained his innocence, but there is significant circumstantial evidence to suggest his guilt, notes the AP.

The Hill has reached out to Parson’s office.

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