Demonstrators Gather in Berlin to Support Protesters in Peru

Protesters gathered in front of the Peru Embassy and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday, January 28, in support of protesters who have been staging demonstrations in Peru since December 2022.

Demonstrations erupted across Peru last year following the impeachment and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo, after he attempted to dissolve congress due to corruption. Peru’s congress voted to impeach Castillo, and he was detained that day for “rebellion and conspiracy,” according to Peru’s Public Ministry.

The organizers of the Berlin protest called on people to “show solidarity with the struggle of the indigenous and rural peoples of Peru.”

The organizers also said they support the demands of protesters in Peru, including the immediate resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the Bureau of Congress.

Footage filmed by Twitter user @JoanImitola, who told Storyful the protest was intended to raise awareness on the “tremendous repression exercised by the Peruvian government against the protesters,” shows people dancing, playing musical instruments, and holding signs in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Credit: @JoanImitola via Storyful

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