Denise Van Outen says she'll miss the Fox after being unveiled on 'The Masked Singer'

Julia Hunt
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Denise Van Outen at the Build LDN event at AOL London on June 7, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Denise Van Outen said she would miss “slinking around and misbehaving” as she was unveiled as Fox on The Masked Singer.

The actress and singer was unmasked after losing out in the vote on Saturday’s episode of the ITV show.

She pulled off her Fox mask to shouts of “Take it off!” from the audience, slowly revealing her blonde hair.

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Judge Davina McCall jumped to her feet in delight as she had guessed Van Outen was in the costume.

“So foxy!” McCall declared, as Van Outen was unmasked.

Van Outen said being a part of the programme had been a lot of fun.

She said singing in the big shiny mask had been a bit “bizarre” to start with but that she had started to become quite comfortable with it on.

“It’s going to be weird for me singing without it,” she said.

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Many viewers had thought the star was the woman posing as Fox.

“I said it right from the start!” said one person on Twitter, while another gloated: “Denise Van Outen was who I said from the first week.”

So far, eight celebrities have been unmasked on the show.

EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer, former Home Secretary Alan Johnson, The Darkness rocker Justin Hawkins and former England footballer Teddy Sheringham were the secret celebrities hiding inside Butterfly, Pharaoh, Chameleon and Tree.

Daisy was revealed to be US singer Kelis, Skin from Skunk Anansie turned out to be Duck and Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters was Unicorn.