Denise Welch addresses 'feud' with Stacey Solomon after fiery Loose Women debate

Denise Welch has dismissed rumours of a feud with her Loose Women co-star Stacey Solomon, following their on-air disagreement about remote working last month.

As the pair's differing opinions played out on the show, social media users speculated that they might not appear together on the panel again soon.

This led to reports suggesting that Stacey had "refused" to do so but a month later, Denise, 66, has insisted that the situation has been exaggerated, the Express reports.

Speaking to American podcast hosts about the incident, she said: "We had a discussion on a discussion show, where you're supposed to discuss things and maybe disagree.

"We disagreed on something, it was about young people and work ethic and since Covid, have Gen-Z become a bit more lazy and entitled, it was one of those kind of Loose Women things.

Stacey Solomon
Stacey Solomon and Denise Welch had a disagreement on Loose Women over remote working -Credit:ITV

"Stacey said something about nurses and the NHS which provoked a great big reaction, and I actually agreed with her."

After seeing a report claiming that the Sort Your Life Out star had refused to work with her again, Denise felt compelled to debunk the "complete lie" on her social media.

She clarified on the Scheananigans podcast: "We're encouraged to disagree about things, it's a talk show! "

During the debate, mother-of-five Stacey, 35, argued that remote jobs with flexible hours had made life easier for working families, especially those with children.

Denise presented an alarming perspective, implying the country is "grinding to a halt" citing a shortage of staff. She exclaimed: "We haven't got the staff, where are the staff? They've disappeared! "

Stacey playfully rebuffed: "They don't disappear because they're working from home," posing a query that had Denise puzzled: "But, where are they Stace? "

Stacey further elaborated her stance by expressing her belief that folks are more content with the prospect of working from home these days, making references to underpaid and undervalued roles such as nursing.

Denise Welch and Stacey Solomon
Denise has shut down rumours that Stacey has 'refused' to work with her again -Credit:ITV

Additionally, she proposed that the Covid pandemic demonstrated that people can perform an "adequate if not better job" from the solace of their homes, an opinion to which Denise expressed disagreement.

Earlier in the broadcast, the panellists also shared their interpretations on Melania Trump sticking beside Donald Trump post his guilty verdict.

Following their parallels, Stacey's articulate rant earned her a round of applause when she emphasised: "Why is the focus on his wife? It should be about him and his disgraceful acts."

As the episode progressed, viewers took to social media platform X, first known as Twitter, to broadcast their reactions.

One viewer emphasized: "I doubt we'll see Stacey on with Denise for a while... Stacey has the stones to defend her thunder."

Another chimed: "Stacey absolutely wiping the floor with Densy [clapping hand emojis] #LooseWomen."

Someone else wrote: "What a shame Stacey is stepping back from TV, she's the only redeeming feature of #LooseWomen."

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