Denise Welch slams 'vile' TV star as she defends Meghan Markle following criticism

denise welch
Denise Welch furiously backed the Duchess -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Denise Welch has launched a scathing attack on a 'vile' TV personality while leaping to the defence of Meghan Markle, following criticism from a Royal biographer about the Duchess' new jam range.

Meghan unveiled her new lifestyle brand last month, with details of the business mysteriously veiled until now. The first product, a luxury strawberry jam, was sent out to influencers sparking a wave of interest.

Angela Levin, a Royal biographer known for her critical views on Meghan, slammed the former Suits star over what she perceived as "set up" promotional images for the jam. During a segment on TalkTV, presenter JJ Anisiobi confronted Angela, suggesting that the photos were simply PR for a product Meghan was marketing.

"With respect, Angela, you sound like a social media troll," JJ Anisiobi remarked, which visibly annoyed Angela. She went on to express her dislike for the images shared by Suits actress Abigail Spencer, who had received the jam as a gift and posted pictures online, which Angela branded as 'ridiculous'.

The presenter reminded her that the photographs were merely a form of marketing. Following an intense exchange, she reached her limit and declared: "You're here to fight me so why don't you say goodbye?" while gesturing towards the camera, reports the Mirror.

Angela Levin
Angela Levin didn't hold back on her opinions -Credit:YOUTUBE/@TALKTV

JJ retorted: "I'm not here to fight you, I'm just laying out the truth to you... You don't want to be challenged," before Angela abruptly ended the video call.

Angela's interview was posted on Twitter, accompanied by footage of Piers Morgan being criticised for his relentless attacks on Meghan. Denise shared the clips and commented: "What an absolutely vile woman @angelalevin1 is. Why is she allowed to continually trash, insult and verbally abuse Meghan Markle in public forums? ? ?"

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Some users disagreed with Denise, one stating: "Why not, even if she was? Free speech. Not everyone has to like the harkles," and another chiming in: "We're not keen on you either."

The Loose Women star swiftly replied to the criticism with emojis of laughter. A number of people sided with Denise, expressing their disapproval of the critic in her comments section.

One user said: "Hateful for no reason... she's being hysterical about a pot of jam... sad woman," and another added: "I honestly don't know how people are allowed to keep getting away with this constant bullying. It's just so gross and really really dark. Glad someone stood up to her."

Another person wrote: "She can dish it but can't take it, ending the interview because she was told exactly what she is."

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