Denver Nuggets Clinch First NBA Title

The Denver Nuggets won the franchise’s first-ever NBA basketball championship title on June 12, beating out the Miami Heat to clinch the win on home court.

The Nuggets won Game 5 94-89 after entering half-time ahead of the Heat 51-44.

Video from inside Ball Arena in Denver shows crowds cheering after the Nuggets’ victory.

A championship celebration will be held in Denver on Thursday with a morning parade in Union Station and a rally at Civic Center Park to follow. Credit: Lamonte Bell via Storyful

Video transcript



- [INAUDIBLE]. They just won! Huh?

Let's go, Nugs. Let's go! Yes sir! Size them up right now. Yeah, baby!


[INAUDIBLE] right now is insane.

Size them up right now, boy. There we go. Yeah! This is turned up, baby. This is turned up! Let's go, boy! We're a size 11 and 1/2. Let's go, Malone! Yes sir! Yes sir! Denver, we on the map. Denver, we on the map. We on the map, [INAUDIBLE]. Get it.