'Like Denzel Washington In Training Day': Wilmer Valderrama Already Has An Idea Planned For Nick Torres' NCIS Exit

 Nick Torres looks forward on NCIS, and Alonzo Harris addresses gang members in Training Day.
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Wilmer Valderrama has truly become a mainstay of primetime TV dramas through his work on NCIS. Since 2016, the fan-favorite actor has played the role of Nick Torres, who’s become an integral part of the lead team of special agents on the show. It’s honestly hard to imagine the series being without Nick at this point, though it’s possible that there may come a time when he’s written out for one reason or another. Interestingly enough, Valderrama has thought about how he’d want Torres to exit the long-running series. You may not believe it, but his plan would channel “Denzel Washington in Training Day.”

For anyone who needs context on Antoine Fuqua’s Oscar-winning 2001 film, it sees Denzel Washington play the role of crooked cop Alonzo Harris. The story sees Harris navigate several crime-ridden neighborhoods in California alongside younger, by-the-book officer Jake Hoyt, who’s played by Ethan Hawke. Harris implements wild methods while showing Jake around and, in time, it’s discovered that the seasoned narcotics officer is wanted by the Russian mafia. At the very end of the film, Alonzo attempts to leave the state, but he’s confronted and gunned down by mafia associates before he can do so.

It goes without saying that it’s a truly violent moment and a tough way for a character to go out. However, Wilmer Valderrama tells TV Insider that if Nick Torres has to go, his death should play out in a similar way. This may sound tragic on the surface, but Valderrama’s description of his proposed idea does sound somewhat poetic:

Like Denzel Washington in Training Day — just go out. I think not being the bad guy, of course I’d like to die as a good guy. But defending my family somehow, just in a storm of bullets. I just see a storm of bullets just washing over me, just dying heroically with violins in the background and the rain is pouring.

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Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres on NCIS on CBS
Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres on NCIS on CBS

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The actor’s NCIS co-star, Brien Dietzen (who plays Jimmy Palmer), also joked that “white doves” be added to that big moment. However, the That ‘70s Show alum opined that the idea would be “too Nicolas Cage.” (I suppose he has a point there.) Regardless, I’m not sure how CBS would feel about writing out Torres in such a way. Still, having the character go out while protecting his loved ones would make for a fitting end for the former undercover agent.

What I also appreciate is that the actor is such a big fan of Training Day (which has BTS details fans should know about). It’s an excellent crime thriller, and Antonie Fuqua makes great use of Denzel Washington’s talents. The director has discussed the film in the years since its release, discussing the moment he believed he’d caught lightning in a bottle with Washington. And, unsurprisingly, Fuqua has also discussed filming the iconic “King Kong” scene. The lead actor’s performance is impeccable, and it’s totally understandable just why he was awarded Best Actor at the Oscars for his performance. Ironically, the movie also spawned a TV show of the same name, which was cancelled by CBS after one season.

As for Nick Torres, I don’t expect him to meet a fate similar to Alonzo Harris’ in the near future. NCIS is still going strong and is set to return for Season 22 this fall amid the 2024 TV schedule. Wilmer Valderrama is set to return and, given how much of a staple his character is, I can’t see him being written out anytime soon – unless the actor himself requests to leave the show. One can only speculate as to whether the Eye Network would actually want Torres to die in such a way but, if he did go out like Denzel Washington’s character, it would be a memorable moment in TV history.

Those eagerly waiting for new episodes of NCIS can check out Torres and the gang by streaming past episodes using a Paramount+ subscription. Do yourself a favor and also check out Training Day, which is available to rent or buy on multiple digital platforms.