Deploy the retired to ease GPs’ workloads

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<span>Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian</span>
Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

The continuing requirement for an efficient system to administer Covid vaccinations is currently consuming important NHS manpower that could be more usefully employed delivering essential services and dealing with the huge backlog of care (GPs in England get green light to provide less care and join Covid jab drive, 3 December).

Instead, the NHS should be using the retired workforce – doctors, nurses, pharmacists and those in professions allied to medicine who have the required skills and the spare time to implement them.

My husband and I are both retired doctors and are among a number of retired local health professionals who have volunteered our services. To become approved to do this has been relatively straightforward once contact with the correct local service manager has been made.

As the need for vaccinations is likely to continue for several years, it would seem obvious that professional bodies should work with the NHS to encourage retired professionals to volunteer to do vaccinations and so allow NHS staff to get on with delivering healthcare.
Dr Beth Rimmer
Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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