Deputy Smashes Window to Free Child From Sweltering Car

A mother might not have been too keen on the idea, but a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy smashed his way into a car to rescue a child trapped inside on Monday afternoon, May 20.

According to the FCSO, deputies received a call from a woman reporting that her year-old daughter had accidentally been locked inside a vehicle in the parking lot of a Walmart in Palm Coast.

Deputies saw the child was “sweating and appearing to be in distress,” at which point Deputy Christian Harrison decided he’d need to smash a window. The child’s mother can be heard saying, “No, no, no” as he tells her. “I have to,” Harrison replies, “she’s been stuck in there.”

“Heatstroke can happen very quickly, even if it does not seem that hot outside. Remember, if it has a heartbeat, do not leave them in your car,” Sheriff Rick Staly said after the child was safely rescued. Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

Sheriff's office?

Did y'all call?

Got to, is the car hurting?

Shut up?

Whose car is it?

All right.

Is she, is, is that on?

No, um, G 14 5, the vehicle is not running.

They locked the keys in the car.

How far that is empty?

I just smash the window here in a second.

If FD is not close.

How long has she been in there?

All right.

I'm gonna smash the window there.

I have to because he's been stuck in there.

I don't know how far F DS he's been in there for 10 minutes.

No, I don't have that.


214, 5 have to sh, uh, shatter the window.

I met with me, father.

I going, uh, she, she told me, told me before you, you're ok with that.

Break up the best.

Ok. Like he, yeah, that's the way for guilty.

Modern 214.

Keep FD and route just to assess the trial.


You got them out.