'Derry Girls' season 2 removed from Netflix days after being added

Derry Girls season 2 has been removed from Netflix (Channel 4/Jack Barnes)
Derry Girls season 2 has been removed from Netflix (Channel 4/Jack Barnes)

Derry Girls season two is no longer available to watch on Netflix UK just days after it was made available to watch on the streaming service.

On 9 July, Netflix had publicised that the second instalment of the hit comedy, which was originally broadcast on Channel 4, was up on the site.

"Derry Girls S2 is now on Netflix if you were looking for an excuse to watch it again," a tweet read.

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However, the series was taken down on 14 July meaning just the first season was available to UK viewers with Netflix explaining in a tweet they had been "a bit early".

They also redirected viewers to Channel 4's ondemand service All 4 where the second series is still up.

"UPDATE: it looks like we were a bit early with this one so have had to take season two down for now. We'll let you know when it's coming back as soon as we can. In the meantime, it's available now on All 4," the tweet read.

In response to a message from a fan questioning the take-down, Netflix's help account responded: "We can confirm that season 2 of Derry Girls is no longer available in the UK and Ireland due to a licensing agreement."

Yahoo News UK has contacted Netflix for comment.

The sudden removal of the series about a group of Derry school friends in the 1990s prompted some fans to publicly vent their frustration.

Although there were other who were keen to point out they'd managed to finish the whole second series before its removal.

Both series are available to watch on Netflix US.

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