Desi Lydic ‘Foxsplains’ The ‘Rigged’ Debates, And Unhinged Is An Understatement

The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic channeled Fox News as she imagined how the presidential debates would be so very unfair to Donald Trump.

“Have you seen these new rules for the first presidential debate? They are rigged against President Trump in every way possible,” she said in a clip of her “Desi Lydic Foxsplains” segment published this week.

“Look at this. Rule one: A candidate’s microphone will cut off when the time expires. What in the Fauci? How is President Trump supposed to make a concise point if he can’t ramble endlessly?”

Lydic’s Fox News host persona also took issue with the networks that will host the June and September debates — CNN and ABC — because they are “anti-Trump propaganda platforms.”

“You have CNN, ‘the Clinton News Network’ and ABC, ‘A Big Clinton News Network,’” she said.

Her right-wing alter-ego also complained that President Joe Biden would be “jacked up on drugs.”

(Trump and his allies, including some on Fox News, have repeatedly suggested Biden was “jacked up” on drugs during his State of the Union address, and Trump has called on his rival to be drug tested before they debate).

“We need to test Biden for all banned substances: PCP, HGH, BBL, AOC,” Lydic continued. “This whole thing is rigged!”

Watch the segment below.