Designer Alexandre Mattiussi’s Favourite Things

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Since founding his label, Ami, in 2011, Alexandre Mattiussi has been spreading love worldwide with his iconic heart and timeless collections.

Whilst some fashion brands may have an aura of exclusivity and inaccessibility, Ami is quite the opposite. The brand name, which is a combination of letters in the designer’s name, but also means ‘friend’ in French, says it all. Mattiussi created it out of the desire to make clothes his friends would like to wear - real clothes for real people, with an added dash of luxury.

The designer cut his creative teeth at Dior Homme, before a stint at Marc Jacobs, and then went on to head up menswear at Givenchy, so it’s clear to see where he gets his penchant for luxury from. With his brand, however, he wanted to remain accessible for the everyday customer which is reflected in the price point and timeless appeal.

Ami Spring/Summer 23 (Ami)
Ami Spring/Summer 23 (Ami)

Whether you wear a uniform of wardrobe basics or prefer to follow the fashion trends, there’s something for everyone. He blurs the line between elegance and casual with collections that are full of easy classics imbued with a sense of Paris nonchalance, from a chunky knit, to a great pair of jeans, to a classic polo.

His most recent Spring/Summer23 collection, which was shown in June at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, is a masterclass in the art of elevated basics, with oversized check coats worn with expertly tailored straight-leg trousers, and double breasted blazers worn casually with a white shirt and jeans, with neckerchiefs littered throughout.

Clockwise from cap: cap, £86, swim shorts, £160, bracelet,  £140, shirt, £170, boxers, £60, and T-shirt, £130, all Ami De Coeur (Ami)
Clockwise from cap: cap, £86, swim shorts, £160, bracelet, £140, shirt, £170, boxers, £60, and T-shirt, £130, all Ami De Coeur (Ami)

As well as his seasonal collections, he also produces the instantly recognisable Ami de Coeur line which features the iconic heart logo. On everything from sweatshirts to T-shirts, bracelets to boxer shorts, you can show your love for Ami from head to toe.

With stores in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and over 300 stockists globally including MatchesFashion, Selfridges, and Saks Fifth Avenue, the company is growing year on year and isn’t showing signs of stopping.

We caught up with Alexandre to find out a few of his favourite things.

What are you up to at the moment?

I just presented AMI’s Men’s and Women’s Spring-Summer 23 collection in an outdoor show in Montmartre, at the foot of Paris’ Sacre Coeur Basilica. This was a dream come true as I love this area of Paris, I used to live there 20 years ago when I moved to this city! Otherwise I am currently planning my summer holidays, I am not sure of the place yet but possibly a beach in Formentera or Mexico.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is quite simple; I don’t like to overdress, and I might wear sneakers everyday, sometimes even when I’m wearing a suit. The most important thing is that I feel confident with what I’m wearing so a white t-shirt, an overshirt and comfortable jeans or shorts will do.

What are your wardrobe staples?

White t-shirt, 80’s inspired sneakers and a classic beanie or baseball cap. Classic, comfortable jeans are also essential (I still wear the first denim trousers I designed for AMI!).

Ami Spring/Summer 23 (Ami)
Ami Spring/Summer 23 (Ami)

What inspired you for your SS23 collection?

AMI’s Spring-Summer 23 collection is an homage to the great diversity of men and women who perpetuate the unique Parisian vibe in the neighborhood of Montmartre, my favourite area in the city.

What is something you’ve recently purchased for your home?

I got a sculpture from Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo, he is brilliant when it comes to capture human emotions in his hyper-realistic sculptures.

What’s the one item you couldn’t live without?

Currently? Definitely my bike! The weather is incredible in Paris at the moment, sunny but not too hot. It is a wonderful period to cycle around the city, I just love the feeling of freedom it gives you.

Can you walk us through your favourite jewellery pieces?

I am currently wearing my lucky stud earring as well as a very simple slim, platinum ring. But I am looking forward to wear some of the jewellery pieces of AMI’s collaboration with Alan Crocetti launching this September.

Alexandre Mattiussi (Ami)
Alexandre Mattiussi (Ami)

How do you incorporate time for yourself in your schedule?

This is something I always do no matter what, at least twice a week. It doesn’t have to be “alone” time, most of the time is hanging out with my friends, my mother or my team – having dinner in a nice bistrot, coffee in a terrasse, or movie night at my apartment. I love what I do but there has to be a balance between working and having fun.

How do you treat yourself?

There are many ways to treat yourself. Having a meal in a place you love, taking the time to have a coffee with someone you love or my favourite, a weekend getaway to the beach.

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