Detroit Lions Fan Who Got a Super Bowl Champs 2024 Tattoo Has a Plan in Case They Lose (Exclusive)

Alex Chepeska, who got a tattoo claiming the Detroit Lions would be the 2024 Super Bowl Champs isn't worried they'll lose — but has a plan in place, just in case

<p>Courtesy of Alex Chepeska</p> Alex Chepeska shows off his Lions Super Bowl Champs tattoo

Courtesy of Alex Chepeska

Alex Chepeska shows off his Lions Super Bowl Champs tattoo

Football fan Alex Chepeska has no doubts that his beloved Detroit Lions are going to be this year's 2024 Super Bowl champions — and he's so convinced that he even got a Lions Super Bowl Champs 2024 tattoo last August.

"I don't know, I just had a feeling," Chepseka, 43, who lives in the Detroit metro area, tells PEOPLE. "I've never been so sure of something. I just knew they were going to go all the way, and I knew I had to get a tattoo of it before the season started. So I got it in August, a week before their first pre-season game."

Any concerns that the ink might be a jinx? He says none whatsoever.

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"I've gotten some messages online from people who are like, what are you doing, you idiot? You're going to jinx them! But I'm like, oh you think it's a jinx? They're having the best season of their lives! It's the opposite of a jinx!"

<p>Courtesy of Alex Chepeska</p> Alex Chepeska's tattoo is predicting the 2024 Super Bowl champions

Courtesy of Alex Chepeska

Alex Chepeska's tattoo is predicting the 2024 Super Bowl champions

Chepeska, who has loved the Lions for as long as he can remember, says he got the idea halfway through last season when "things really started to click for the team."

"Look, I've loved the Lions my whole life, as much as you be a fan with the decades of ineptitude and the worst organization in the history of sports. My dad used to say, 'Don't get too attached to these guys. They'll break your heart over and over.' And they constantly did. Every season I'd get back on the bandwagon, get excited about them again again, and then would want to tear my hair out. But that's the old Lions. They're dead. This is the brand new Lions!"

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He adds, "Coach Dan Campbell's attitude and enthusiasm is just completely contagious, and all the players and new ownership, the new direction they've gone, everything has just been incredible."

<p>Courtesy of Alex Chepeska</p> Alex Chepeska at a Detroit Lions game

Courtesy of Alex Chepeska

Alex Chepeska at a Detroit Lions game

Which is why he didn't hesitate to get the tattoo, even though his friends and family thought it was "a little nuts."

Of course, there's also the million dollar question: What will he do about the tattoo in case they lose?

"They won't," he says confidently. "But IF they did, I assume the tattoo would just magically fade away, like Marty McFly's pictures in Back to the Future."

He's joking of course. He says, "Nah, if it happens, I'll just cross out 2024 and change it to 2025."

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Chepeska's other dream, after seeing his Lions win this Sunday against the 49ers and make it to the big game? Going to the Super Bowl himself, of course!

"I have a GoFundMe to help me get to the Bowl," he says, noting that he's hoping to raise $2K for the trip to Vegas and back. "I'm such a nervous wreck about this Sunday's game. But if I'm there in Vegas and they win, I'll expect them to carry me off on Dan Campbell's shoulders," he says with a laugh. "And then they'll build a statue of me in the stadium, right next to Barry Sanders!"

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