Devastated bride who lost £3,000 wedding and engagement rings at seaside finds them both two days later after combing beach with metal detector

Mother-of-two Laura Curry was convinced she had lost the two treasured rings forever - but tracked them down using two metal detectors given to her by complete strangers

Recovered: Laura Curry holds on to her prized wedding and engagement rings (SWNS)

A distraught wife who lost her wedding and engagement rings at the seaside found them both after combing an entire beach with a metal detector.

Laura Curry lost the gold band while covering her daughter Heidi, three, and one-year-old son Dylan with sun cream.

She carefully placed both her wedding and engagement rings - worth a combined £3,000 - in her pocket but lost them as she shook out the sand.

It was only when Laura was travelling back from Poldhu Cove beach in Cornwall that she remembered taking the treasured rings off.

The distraught mum raced back to the beach and scoured on her hands and knees for the missing rings - to no avail.

But she was so determined to find them she posted a Facebook plea asking for someone to lend her a metal detector.

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Several people responded and Laura travelled back to the 350 metre-long beach two days later.

She couldn't remember the exact spot where she'd lost the rings, but started scouring the sands with the device - and was even helped by a group of tourists.

Several hours later delighted Laura of Millbrook, Cornwall, found both the rings buried in the sand metres away from each other.

Laura said the worst part of the ordeal was telling husband of five years Paul, a Royal Navy sailor, that she had lost both rings.

She said: 'I was unable to get back to the beach until two days later. By then I was convinced I wouldn't find them but felt I had to do this for peace of mind.

'I had a vague idea of where we were sitting, but when we arrived I thought, 'Oh God, it's so much bigger than I remembered'.

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'There were kids with buckets and spades throwing sand everywhere. I thought, 'Oh no, please don't do that.'

'We found tent-peg after tent-peg. When we found the rings I squealed and cried at the same time.'

On Friday afternoon she and Paul headed back to Poldhu Cove with two metal detectors that had been lent to them.

One device came from another Facebook user who read about their plight and another came from a local business.

Two other families helped them locate the rings, which Paul eventually found just a couple of metres apart.