Devon car boot sale back after South West Water leaves field

The Brixham Road car boot sale is back
-Credit: (Image: DevonLive)

A popular Sunday car boot sale is back this weekend after an enforced hiatus. The seasonal Brixham Road car boot at Paignton started in April as scheduled but its field was put out of use by the Brixham water crisis in May.

South West Water had been using the land as it attempted to deal with the cryptosporidium outbreak in Brixham. The field was said to be the only site large enough for the task of distributing clean water.

But Torbay Carboot Sales posted on Facebook page this week: "Good news we will be open this coming Sunday 14th July from 6am at Windy Corner Brixham Road."

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Earlier this summer, Torbay Carboot Sales said that the landowners allowed South West Water to use the site initially for a week to deal with the crisis.

Subsequently the issue grew, and heavy rain then resulted in damage to the ground which was then rectified by South West Water.

South West Water distributed bottled water to households in Brixham and Paignton since the cryptosporidium outbreak made drinking water unsafe.

This week South West Water finally lifted a formal Boil Water Notice in Brixham two months after it emerged the tap water had been contaminated.

In a statement, the company announced it has carried out "enhanced sampling and monitoring" over the past eight weeks in order to return tap water to a safe state to use. Read more on that story here.