Diana Ross set to appear on son Evan Ross' new reality show, 'Ashlee and Evan'


Legendary Motown singer Diana Ross is heading to reality television. Her son, Evan Ross confirmed she’ll be making at least one appearance during his just launched reality series Ashlee and Evan.

“Yes, she makes an appearance. She’s very supportive and my brothers are too. It’s a proper family affair! I think it’s because they trust the way we are doing this, and I think a lot of what the show is, we try to show a lot of positivity to the world,” Evan told us.

The new series chronicles the lives of Evan Ross 30, actor and singer, and his wife Ashlee Simpson 33, pop star and sister to Jessica Simpson, as they navigate their first few years of marriage and begin recording music together.

Ashlee told us Jessica will also be appearing on the show and that we can expect a ‘rollercoaster’ of a series:

“I think it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, because there are moments where you really get to look into our lives,” she said.

The series now available to stream on Hayu, will feature a new song from their upcoming joint album each episode.

“And in a lot of the episodes, not all but a lot of them, you see the practice and what it was that made that particular song,” Evan said.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross married in 2014. They have a daughter together, Jagger Snow Ross. (PA Pictures)
Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross married in 2014. They have a daughter together, Jagger Snow Ross. (PA Pictures)

He added that we’ll see ‘new sides’ to both him and Ashlee, as well as new glimpses into his famous yet up-to-now relatively private family.

“I don’t think people really got to know us before. Maybe a bit more Ashlee because of her old show but she is obviously in a very different place now, coming back into music and having a family and doing the whole thing.

“You also get to see the dynamic with me and my family. We definitely allow people into our world,” he said.

Ashlee and Evan is available to stream and download Mondays on hayu, reality on demand.

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