Dick Van Dyke admits historic award nomination is 'very different honour'

Dick Van Dyke has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy credit:Bang Showbiz
Dick Van Dyke has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy credit:Bang Showbiz

Dick Van Dyke has described his first ever Daytime Emmy Award nomination as "a very different honour".

The 98-year-old big screen icon has made history as the oldest actor to get on the shortlist for the prestigious awards with a nod for guest performer in a daytime drama series following his role as Timothy Robicheaux in 'Days of Our Lives'.

He told People magazine: "This is a very different honour for me; I seldom get recognised for dramatic or straight acting - comedy and musicals are my specialty after all.

"I'm so honored and it will be a fun night celebrating with the entire daytime television community."

The star - who is best known for his roles in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and 'Mary Poppins' - also voiced his gratitude for 'Days of Our Lives' actor Drake Hogestyn for helping him land the part.

He added: "This nomination is very exciting; after all, it took me 75 years and my pal Drake Hogestyn to get on a soap opera!

"He is really the reason this happened and deserves the credit and thanks."

Across four episodes, Van Dyke played an amnesiac patient called Timothy, who is supported by the medical staff as they use exercises and musical numbers to help him bridge gaps in his memory.

Reflecting on how he got the part, he previous told Access: "I said, 'Don't you have any parts for old people? Come on give me one.' And he took me seriously and got me a part!

"I have played old men before, but comedy old men. [This is the] first time I have ever just played my 97-year-old self."

Despite this wealth of experience as an actor, he still made sure to really study soap operas to give himself the best chance of nailing the delivery for the more dramatic scenes.

He explained: "Some of the people have been doing it for 20 years. That's all the homework I can do, watch one and see how they do it.

"The other thing, you have to hold, 'duh duh,' there's the sting of music and we've said something exciting."