Dick Van Dyke injured after car crashes into gate in Malibu

Dick Van Dyke injured after car crashes into gate in Malibu

Dick Van Dyke crashed his car into a gate in Malibu after it skidded in wet weather conditions, according to reports.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actor, 97, lost control of the car before smashing into a gate, leaving him with a bloody nose and possible concussion. It is understood that he did not need hospital treatment.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning (22 March) and police officers arrived at the scene to find the star behind the wheel of his Lexus LS 500, reports TMZ.

This is not the first time Van Dyke has been involved in an incident involving a car. In 2013, the actor escaped unhurt after his car burst into flames on a motorway.

Van Dyke was pulled from the vehicle, having not realised the Jaguar was on fire on a Los Angeles highway.

He told TMZ at the time: “It just started making a noise, and I thought I had a flat at first, then it started to smoke, then it burned to a crisp.”

He said he escaped unscathed and “there was a fireman, a nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. Somebody’s looking after me”.

While the actor has mostly taken a step back from acting in recent years, he has continued to appear in occasional projects across film and TV.

Dick Van Dyke: 30th May 1967 (Getty Images)
Dick Van Dyke: 30th May 1967 (Getty Images)

Most recently, Van Dyke had a vocal role in the Jim Carrey Showtime drama Kidding.

In 2018, he made a cameo in the Disney musical Mary Poppins Returns, a follow-up to the popular 1964 musical starring himself and Julie Andrews.

He is set to appear in a new comedy film, Capture the Flag, about a group of elderly veterans who play a spirited game of “capture the flag” for the privilege of raising Old Glory every morning in their community.