Did Kendrick Lamar mix up Haley Joel Osment and Joel Osteen in his Drake diss track 'Euphoria'?

Did Kendrick Lamar mix up Haley Joel Osment and Joel Osteen in his Drake diss track 'Euphoria'?

Lamar references "The Sixth Sense" and "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" on his new song, but unfortunately couldn't find a natural way to name-drop "Secondhand Lions."

Kendrick Lamar just dropped another diss track aimed at his rap rival Drake — and two famous Joels are getting caught in the crossfire.

On his new song "Euphoria," Lamar references Haley Joel Osment's two most prominent movies — the 1999 thriller The Sixth Sense and the 2001 sci-fi drama A.I. Artificial Intelligence — but he seems to conflate the actor with different Joel during the verse.

Lamar raps, "Am I battlin' ghosts or AI? N---- feelin' like Joel [Haley?] Osteen / Funny, he was in a film called A.I. / And my sixth sense tellin' me to off him."

<p>Olivia Wong/Getty; Jason Kempin/Getty</p> Haley Joel Osment and Joel Osteen

Olivia Wong/Getty; Jason Kempin/Getty

Haley Joel Osment and Joel Osteen

Osteen, of course, was not in The Sixth Sense or A.I., as he's not an actor — he's the pastor of a megachurch in Houston, Lakewood Church. Beloved by many in the evangelical community but fairly controversial to those outside it, Osteen has been criticized for Lakewood's response to Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and for preaching prosperity theology, or the belief that God may bless pious Christians with material wealth.

Entertainment Weekly has reached out to representatives for Lamar, Osment, and Osteen for comment.

"Euphoria" marks the latest development in a years-long beef between Lamar and Drake, which recently heated up after J. Cole referred to the two rappers and himself as the "big three" in the song "First Person Shooter."

Lamar responded last month in a guest verse on Future and Metro Boomin's track "Like That," rapping, "Motherf--- the big three, n---a, it's just big me."

<p>Arturo Holmes/MG23/Getty </p> Kendrick Lamar

Arturo Holmes/MG23/Getty

Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole then fired back with  "7 Minute Drill," characterizing Lamar's rate of musical output as slow: "He averagin' one hard verse like every 30 months or somethin' / If he wasn't dissin', then we wouldn't be discussin' him."

Cole quickly walked back his diss at North Carolina's Dreamville Festival, apologizing for the track and calling it "the lamest s--- I ever did in my f---ing life."

"Euphoria" recalibrates Lamar's focus on dissing Drake specifically, with lines like "How many more Black features till you finally feel that you Black enough? / I like Drake with the melodies, I don't like Drake when he act tough" and "I'm knowin' they call you the Boy, but where is a man? / 'Cause I ain't seen him yet."

Listen to "Euphoria" above.

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