Did Trixie Mattel deserve to get banned from Instagram for saying this?

trixie matel instagram ban for slur
trixie matel instagram ban for slur

Another day, another drama, and this one revolves around fan-favorite drag queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 winner, Trixie Mattel.

It all started back in February when two male humpback whales were observed having sex together. Mattel commented on an Instagram post of the event from GayTimes, where she referred to the whales as “f****ts.”


According to a recent conversation on her The Bald and the Beautiful podcast alongside Drag Race Season 7 costar and bestie Katya, Mattel’s comment wound up getting her banned from Instagram for using a slur.

“I’ve gotten in trouble on Instagram for things that I should not have been in trouble for,” she said. “Like when I called those whales f****ts.”

Although Katya tried to remind her that the word is, in fact, “such a clear slur,” Mattel doubled down on her stance and said she had a full pass at using the word.


“Come on, me in drag calling two whales [f****ts]? Those whales don’t even have Instagram. They’re not even gonna hear about it.”

“Whales? Whales? Did you say ‘whales’?” responded Katya before admitting she thought Mattel was referring to “large people” instead of the actual animal.

This, of course, prompted a slough of laughter between the two, and Mattel tapped into her inner redneck to shout, “Those whales! Those goddamn whales!”

All we know is, these two are a hoot anytime they’re together and we love how much they play off each other. We’re also happy to see Katya doing well and with a smile on her face.

In the end, Mattel wound up getting her Instagram account back, which is great considering she’s the most-followed RuPaul’s Drag Race star. Even though we agree what she said was a slur, we also agree that the whales might not be too fussed about it.