Diet expert Dr Michael Mosley issues scam warning after fraudsters use AI to sell product

Dr Michael Mosley has issued a scam warning
Dr Michael Mosley has issued a scam warning -Credit:Getty Images

Diet guru Dr Michael Mosley has sent out a warning about a scam after fraudsters used an AI of his image to sell a product on social media.

The TV presenter, inventor of the 5:2 diet and author of The Fast 800, posted a message on Facebook, urging his followers not to fall for the trick. He explained that a scammer had used AI to sell blood-pressure tablets on Instagram.

He made it clear that he had nothing to do with the company in question. He then asked people to report the account selling the tablets.

Dr Mosley, who regularly shares health and weight loss advice, wrote: "Hi everyone. I've been made aware that a scammer is using an AI of my image to sell blood-pressure tablets on Instagram.

"I am not affiliated with this company in any way. If you see this post, please report the account, and do not engage. Thank you."

His followers thanked him for issuing the warning, with one describing the scam as "shocking". Others said they had fallen for it but were taking action to report it.

One said: "Just saw it on Facebook and I was almost tempted to engage with it as Michael seemed genuine. Luckily, I googled it first!"

Another added: "Omg. I have fallen for this. If they have cloned Dr Mosley then they have cloned other well known doctors. I was hoping it would help with high cholesterol. I will now try and stop my payment? I thought it was a bit gimmicky. So cross with myself."