Dinah Jane's comeback reminded pop star of her 'value'

Dinah Jane is feeling upbeat about her new music credit:Bang Showbiz
Dinah Jane is feeling upbeat about her new music credit:Bang Showbiz

Dinah Jane was reminded how "valuable" she is after she returned to the stage.

The 26-year-old pop star - who shot to fame as part of Fifth Harmony - performed her first live show in over three years earlier this summer, and Dinah confessed to being surprised by her own popularity.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: "People were packed like sardines in there! Here I am, forgetting how valuable I am. I should believe there were so many people in the room! It was time to wake everybody up and let everyone know: Dinah Jane is back."

Dinah believes that her new music, including her single 'Ya Ya', reflects her personal evolution over recent years.

She said: "It’s a fun summer song about confidence that speaks volumes to me.

"Listen, my image and figure are not the same as they used to be, but I’ve learned to love her. Whatever body I’m given, it is beautiful no matter what."

Dinah is actually feeling more confident than ever about her music.

She shared: "I am 100 percent confident with what I’m creating, what I’m writing, how I’m singing. She’s giving range, and she’s telling a story. I know that’s where my power is this time around."

By contrast, Dinah previously revealed that she paused her career in 2020 because she was suffering from depression.

The pop star told PEOPLE: "I couldn't keep going because I felt like if people in my career pushed me to keep going, I was going to destroy myself."

Dinah felt under pressure to keep making music, but she doesn't have any regrets about her decision.

She said: "People were always pulling me left and right, like, 'Get back in the studio.' Or my fans, I felt like, in a way, I let them down. But they understood why I had to just stop completely.

"I'm grateful for those hard times. I'm grateful for the relationships that have failed in my life. I'm grateful for things that didn't go as planned because they've brought me here, to a better understanding of who Dinah is."