Diners say 'five star' Blackpool eatery is 'better than Domino's' - but we beg to differ

Walking down the bustling streets of Blackpool, you aren't short of restaurants, bars and takeaways to grab a bite to eat. Many offer lunchtime or teatime deals to grab punters, with advertising signs to draw attention from passers-by.

One such signage has been appealing to me for a number of years, as I walk past the Winter Gardens and through the main thoroughfare of Blackpool. That's the sign for Roly's Pizza Bar, a small hut-esque eatery on Church Street.

Designed as a kiosk for street food, the bar has always appealed to me - well anything would if there's footlong hot dogs on the menu. In the windows, pizza slices are on offer, akin to a 'dollar slice' you may find across the pond.


A quick look on Google tells me Roly's is enjoyed by its customers, with five-star ratings across Google itself and Facebook too - surely this has got to be a gem in the town centre? One review even states the aforementioned pizza slices are better than popular chain establishments.

It reads: "I am never getting Domino's again after eating the pizza here. It's delicious and great value. The staff are also wonderful. Will definitely come back when I next venture into the town centre!"

Now, I can vouch for the latter part of this review, as the staff there were certainly friendly and accommodating. The former part is a matter of opinion.

I ordered a slice of the pepperoni pizza at a price of £2.50 - pricey yes, but for a hot lunch it's doable. I also purchase a hot dog, specifically a Bockwurst with onions for £4, but we'll talk about that later.

The pizza didn't look the best from first glance, but as we all have learnt, you can't judge a book. Unfortunately though, my instincts were correct.

Biting into the slice and it was particularly hard underneath, as though the pizza had been on display for a little while. Now, I'm no stranger to a Greggs so I understand how these things are kept until customers purchase them, but I certainly wouldn't say it was better than other pizzas from certain American chains.

The hot dog was a different situation in itself, it wasn't bad in taste, frankly, it was a hot dog. There's nothing negative about that though, particularly as hot dogs are safe food, you can have them in a fairground or incidentally, by the seaside and you know what you're getting.

However, this one was a little bit bland and the colouring of the sausage inside was a little suspect. For £4, you do get two sausages and a sizeable bit of bread, so economically it's not too bad, but don't expect the world.