Dinner with strangers: A 'heart warming' social experiment forcing Glaswegians out of comfort zone

Five strangers meeting for dinner through Timeleft!
Five strangers meeting for dinner through Timeleft! -Credit:Supplied

A new social event has come to Glasgow which encourages people to form exciting connections by dining with strangers.

Timeleft is an app bringing Glaswegians together by arranging a dinner in the city with strangers. The 'heart warming' experiment kick-started in Scotland in February 2024 after first launching in Europe in May 2023.

Describing what Timeleft is, the team said: "We create opportunities for the magic of chance encounters. The conversations you would have missed, the people you wouldn’t have met. Safe moments to interact with people around you so that you can be more involved with the world you live in.

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Timleft brings people "together"
Timleft brings people "together" -Credit:Supplied

"Free-fall into social possibilities without digital screens. Open up to the people around you without expectations. Start a conversation, spark a connection. Go out for a dinner with strangers."

Every Wednesday strangers from all around the world - including Glasgow - meet for dinner. Recent locations include The Skillet, Barolo, Ka Pao and the Maragold Cafe. Speaking to Glasgow Live, UK & Ireland Country Manager Elena Stroputė said: "Glasgow is performing really well, lots of people have been returning - it's a very friendly and engaged community."

The app, Timeleft, was initially built looking to match people based on their aspirations and dreams. Now, it "brings people of all cultures together" and creates connections. App users also have the chance to 'break the ice' before meeting by revealing a few details about themselves.

The algorithm matches you with five other like-minded people and organises a dinner at a central Glasgow location, dependent on your budget.

What's on the menu?
What's on the menu? -Credit:Supplied

Elena added: "There are people who are more extroverted and others who are introvert, but this encourages people to step out of their comfort zone - it's so exciting that they know very little details about one another.

"Glasgow has an amazing range of restaurants, that is a big plus for us, it makes it easier to choose a venue each week".

Following the meal, some groups even made WhatsApp chats and befriended each other on social media with one pair even becoming Timeleft's first romantic couple while dining as strangers!

Elena said the dinners are also ideal for those "passing through" the city - solo travellers, those on a work trip, and students.

You must be over 18 to attend but there is no maximum age.

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Elena continued: "This is an opportunity for you to meet new people and explore culture - it's incredibly exciting.

"People are returning so we know there is a demand for it - we are whatever you want to be, whether you are dining to find a relationship or friendship - all we say it turn up, get out your comfort zone and just let the rest unfold.

"It is amazing to see full tables of people around the world dining together on a Wednesday night, it makes the hard work all worth it."

More information or to book your set, click here.

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