Disability Payout For Woman Who Is ‘Allergic’ To Mobile Phone And Wi-Fi Waves

A French woman is set to get disability payouts - because she is allergic to gadgets and the waves they emit.

Marine Richard claimed she suffered a “serious handicap” due to her electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Mobile phone and wi-fi waves made her ill and left her unable to work, the 39-year-old alleged.

And a Toulouse court ruled in her favour this week - meaning she is now entitled to £587 a month for at least three years.

A judge accepted that her symptoms had stopped her from working, but did not recognise EHS as an illness.

The condition, which sufferers say brings on tingling, headaches, fatigue and nausea after being exposed to electromagnetic waves, is not actually recognised as a medical condition in France.

Lawyers said that it could now lead to a tide of new claimants coming forward.

Former radio documentary producer Richard, who has moved off-grid to a renovated barn without electricity in the south of France, hailed the ruling as a “breakthrough,” according to The Local.

(Stock image by Novastock/REX)