Disabled Brit 'abandoned in India' can't access medicine after Dubai floods

Disabled Ian Molland is stuck in India due to Dubai floods. -Credit:Ian Molland / SWNS
Disabled Ian Molland is stuck in India due to Dubai floods. -Credit:Ian Molland / SWNS

A disabled British holidaymaker is stuck abroad due to the Dubai floods - and says he's been told he'll have to wait four days to fly home. Ian Molland, 55, was due to fly home from Delhi via Dubai on Wednesday, April 17, after a solo travelling trip round India.

But when he arrived at the airport he was informed the flight was cancelled due to the flooding in Dubai, he said. The retired hotel inspector was told his new flight wouldn't be for another four days - but he'd be put into a 4*hotel by Emirates.

But he claims him - and 180 other passengers - were checked out the hotel after just one night, and left with no accommodation until their flight on Sunday. Dubai has seen severe flooding after unprecedented rainfall occurred across UAE this week - the heaviest rainfall in 75 years - with some areas recording more than 25cm of rain in under 24 hours.

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Ian, from Tamworth, said: "It's been absolutely amazing until now. I loved seeing the Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Jodhpur - but now I can't leave."

"Now it has truly been the experience of a lifetime - for the wrong reasons. I've also got health concerns and I've got to go without my important medication for five days. I've been abandoned in India."

Ian suffers with physical disabilities which limit his mobility as well as health conditions following a heart attack years prior. Ian, who suffers from health conditions, had initially booked £900 Emirates flights with short layovers to avoid prolonged airport stays.

However, he claims that over 100 passengers scheduled for his 4.15am flight to Birmingham Airport were informed of its cancellation due to flooding. The passengers were then directed to a nearby hotel where they were told they'd be staying until the next available flight on April 21.

Ian Molland, 55, at the Taj Mahal in India. -Credit:Ian Molland / SWNS
Ian Molland, 55, at the Taj Mahal in India. -Credit:Ian Molland / SWNS

But, according to Ian, the following morning all passengers were asked to check out at the request of Emirates, without any alternative accommodation provided. He said: "I said 'there must be a mistake - I'm here till the 21st'. When I got downstairs there were 180 people all screaming and shouting. Everyone had been kicked out because the airline told the hotel to do that."

Ian has since found himself a studio apartment costing over £200. He's also concerned about his rescheduled flight on Sunday which includes a 12-14 hour layover in Dubai. Ian added: "I can't lie around inside the airport for 13 or 14 hours. I've flown with Emirates before and it's an airline I have trusted, so I had no hesitation in booking them again. Now I feel so let down and angry - but I am trying not to become too stressed because it will affect my health problems. I came out here to relax and disconnect - and now it's thrown everything into the air. It's certainly put a bad ending on things."

Emirates has been contacted for comment.