Discrepancies in wait times for NHS fertility services across London revealed

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An egg during the IVF procedure (Elena Έλενα Kontogianni Κοντογιάννη/ Pixabay)
An egg during the IVF procedure (Elena Έλενα Kontogianni Κοντογιάννη/ Pixabay)

There are huge discrepanices across London in the time it takes to access NHS fertility services, a study has revealed.

Using data collected from more than 650 NHS fertility clinics, website My Expert Midwife has charted the variations in the time it takes from being referred by a GP to receiving treatment.

Across the capital, average wait times range from 25 to 54 weeks - a 29-week gap depending on where you live.

Analysis showed that places such as Twickenham (second), Croydon (third) and Twickenham (fourth) are ranked in the top five places in the country respectively for the average wait time from GP referral to treatment.

Twickenham has an average wait time of 25 weeks, and the average time it takes from GP referral to treatment in both Croydon and Harrow is 27 weeks.

Only Northampton has a shorter average wait time in England, with 21 weeks.

Sutton, in south London, has been ranked fifth best, with an average wait time of 29 weeks and wait times in Kingston-upon-Thames are just slightly longer, at 30 weeks.

If you live in Southall, in the London borough of Ealing, it will take around 33 weeks to access NHS fertility services.

The longest wait time in London is in Enfield, where on average people wait 55 weeks from GP referral to treatment.

However, the average wait time in London is 34 weeks, compared to England’s average of 40 weeks.

Lesley Gilchrist, registered midwife and co-founder of My Expert Midwife, said: “This data shows that there is a real disparity in the provision of fertility services across the UK, with a huge difference in the waiting times and the number of clinics per population across the UK.”

It comes ahead of World Infertility Awareness Month in June, which aims to raise awareness of global infertility issues.

To support the expert, My Expert Midwife looked into NHS fertility clinic referral wait times to establish the area that has the best access to fertility treatment.

The study was based on data collected from over 650 NHS fertility clinics, analysing GP referral times, patient ratings, number of clinics per person,and waiting times for egg and sperm donors.

London average wait times

Twickenham: 25 weeks

Croydon: 27 weeks

Harrow: 27 weeks

Sutton: 29 weeks

Kingston-upon-Thames: 30 weeks

Southall: 33 weeks

Enfield: 54 weeks

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