Disgusting Preston takeaway with mouse droppings and blood-soaked sponge slammed by inspectors

A Preston takeaway has been told to improve after mouse and rat droppings were found throughout the premises.

Burgr on Deepdale Mill Street was inspected by Environmental Health on February 28 and given a rating of 0. After the inspection, a report was published which stated the "serious nature of the conditions found" which according to the inspector, "posed an imminent risk of injury to health due to the extremely poor cleaning standards and evidence of mouse infestation."

In the inspection, a number of issues with food hygiene were found. Cans were seen near mouse droppings on the dirty floor and raw meat was stored next to cakes and bread in the freezer which could lead to "possible cross contamination."


The standard of cleaning was found to be "extremely poor" according to the report, with a thorough deep clean and disinfection needed. Mouse droppings were found throughout the premises and potential entry points for pests identified included gaps and holes to external doors, windows, pips, and drains which needed to be covered.

The floor was extremely dirty too and some equipment was found to have a "significant build up of grease, food debris and mouse droppings." Card was found below the fryers, soaked in grease and debris which is an issue as it cannot be cleaned and harbours dirt and bacteria.

Another significant find during the inspection was blood on the sink designated for handwashing and a blood-soaked sponge there too. The taps had mould growth behind them and the fridges were "very dirty" both inside and outside.

Here, the report reads: "The double fridge and the raw meat fridge in the back room was very dirty both inside and outside, the shelving was encrusted with food debris and mould, the door were filthy with stains and debris and the bottom was dirty. This must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and maintained in a clean condition."

The only toilet available for staff to use was also found to be dirty and rat droppings discovered in the adjoining toilet cubicle. Equipment such as the microwave, kettle, can opener and chopping boards were found in a state of deterioration and needed replacing or cleaned regularly.

Bain Marie containers to store food and the lids of mixers for the milkshakes sold by Burgr were "dirty with debris and mould".

Following the inspection, the takeaway voluntarily closed and this was lifted on March 1. The inspector stated there was not enough done to "identify, control and monitor all steps and activities of your food business that are needed to make certain food is safe."

Other issues included inadequate stock rotation, by giving items such as raw meat a shelf life of over five days, when it should be used in two and risk of cross contamination by using the same equipment for raw food and cooked food.

The food allergen matrix at Burgr was also inadequate. The report explains: "You had produced a Food Allergen Matrix but it was inaccurate in that some foods did not have the correct allergens listed e.g. popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets and the veggie burger.

"The Ferrero and the kinder bueno did not have nuts ticked and you were not including any “May contains”. You must review all the matrix to ensure that it is accurate and up to date and that it covers ALL the menu items."

It adds: "The small pots of sauces eg sauce, garlic mayo etc which had been pre prepared for direct sale had not been suitably labelled. They should be labelled with the allergens they contain."