Disney+ fans fume as streaming service follows in footsteps of Netflix with password sharing crackdown

Disney is following in the footsteps of competitor Netflix in a major crackdown on password sharing
Disney is following in the footsteps of competitor Netflix in a major crackdown on password sharing -Credit:AP

Disney+ subscribers are far from happy with the streaming service's latest announcement that it plans to clamp down on password and account sharing. The online platform is jam-packed with exclusives - from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour to the Mandalorian, but the array of content doesn't make up for its recent revelation.

Numerous Disney+ users have become accustomed to sharing their accounts with family and friends, but the practice is set to come to an end, with the company currently devising a plan to crackdown on it. And it could be rolled out as soon as next month.

Disney chief Bob Iger, recently told CNBC: "In June we'll be launching our first real foray into password sharing. Just a few countries and a few markets, but then it will grow significantly with a full roll-out in September."

The Express reports that it comes after rivals in Netflix rolled out a similar plan last year - deterring freeloading family members worldwide. Those who are still keen to share an account with people outside their household must purchase an 'extra member slot' which sets the account holder back an extra £4.99 per month.

And while it is yet to be announced if Disney will roll out a similar scheme, it is anticipated that violators will be hit with a warning and subsequent fee to continue their viewing. And users were quick to take to the socials to have their say on the new measures, with one writing on X: "After Disney pulled a Netflix and stopped password sharing I'm guessing this means Max [streaming platform] will be done that way too."

Another predicted: "I can't wait for this password sharing crackdown to blow up in Netflix and Disney's faces. All they're going to do is push people back into torrenting all their ****. You think this will help profits? It's going to be a bloodbath on your bottom lines."

A third, added: "Piracy has returned to being the easiest way to watch what you want without having to use a spreadsheet to see who owns what for how long," while a fourth gave a good old-fashioned: "Boooooooo."