Disney World Has Revealed All Of Tiana's Bayou Adventure On Video, And The Internet Has Thoughts

 Tiana animatronic singing in the finale of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.
Tiana animatronic singing in the finale of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is "almost there." After years of conversation and controversy, the rethemed Splash Mountain, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening day is almost here. Many fans are excited, as they specifically asked Disney to retheme Splash Mountain. Others are lamenting the end of the previous ride. Nobody needs to wait to see what the new ride has to offer, because Disney World has already revealed all.

It's been a year and a half since Splash Mountain closed at Disney World and since that time interest in what was coming next has been very high. Now, if you want to know, you can just watch the video.

Check Out Tiana’s Bayou Adventure At Walt Disney World

Ride POV videos are a popular part of theme park YouTube and various vloggers and content creators often compete to be the first to post such a video whenever a new attraction opens. However, Disney beat everybody to the punch by just going ahead and posting their own ride video before even the first Tiana previews began. You can check it out below.

While many of Tiana's Bayou Adventure's details had already been revealed, there was a lot we hadn't seen yet, so the decision to post a full-ride POV this early was a bit surprising. Of course, the decision to release the video has meant that everybody who is interested has now had a chance to virtually experience the attraction, and now everybody is voicing their opinion.

How The Internet Has Responded To The Video

If there is better proof that a video is not a great way to judge a theme park attraction, then I certainly haven’t seen it. People have watched the same video, and come away with very different reactions to it. Some who have seen it think the attraction looks great, full of life, in the form of many high-quality animatronics.

Meanwhile, others, largely those who were already critical of the decision to retheme Splash Mountain, are looking at the same video and seeing a ride that looks absolutely terrible. You can't please everybody it seems.

I will be withholding my judgment until I actually experience the ride because videos are not a great way to judge attractions. The actual ride could be better or worse depending on a variety of factors.

That’s in part because the quality of the video is a big part of whether a ride looks good or not. A bad video can result in a bad impression even for a good ride, and that’s where many are actually focusing their own criticism. Some feel the biggest takeaway from the POV video is that Disney World shot a bad POV video.

Opinions are certainly strong, but there are people who are simply glad to have an exciting attraction back at Magic Kingdom soon. For those people for whom the log flume and the massive splash was the highlight, that will be back very soon.

Tian’s Bayou Adventure is currently running in previews for Disney World cast members. Media, and Disney World AP holders, as well as Disney Vacation Club owners, will be getting their own previews in the coming days. The new Disney World attraction, Tian's Bayou Adventure will open to the general public on June 28. A nearly identical version is currently under construction at Disneyland and will open later this year.