Displaced alligators ‘on the move’ in Trinity County after storms

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace said they have responded to numerous reports of displaced alligators after recent storms.

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According to Wallace, the reptiles are on the move in the county because of the high waters.

<em>Alligator found in Trinity County, courtesy of Sheriff Woody Wallace</em>
Alligator found in Trinity County, courtesy of Sheriff Woody Wallace

Wallace said most of the alligators will move on but “it is a good idea to keep your pets out of the gators’ reach.”

The American alligator, which is now a protected game animal in the state after almost going extinct, can grow to be between six and 14 feet long, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD.)

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“Alligators have been known to prey on pets and must be treated with caution,” TPWD said. “Alligators can be surprisingly quick on land and are capable of running quickly over short distances.”

The department said periods of extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain can cause an increase in alligator movement.

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