Diver and Calf Watch as Mother Dolphin Gives Hunting Lesson

A videographer diving off Cottesloe in Western Australia said his morning turned into an “epic underwater moment” on April 29, when he witnessed a mother dolphin teaching her calf how to hunt.

The lesson was recorded by Dylan deHaas, who said he felt he learnt as much as the calf.

In the video, the female dolphin can be seen catching a fish by the tail and repeatedly letting it go.

“It may look like she’s playing,” deHaas said, “however, she does this to show her young calf (and me) how to safely catch a cobbler by the tail.”

Based in Western Australia, deHaas regularly documents local animals for his Instagram account, but said that he was not expecting this particular encounter.

“I have seen this behavior a few times before but never while I’ve had my camera… well this morning was the day I had it,” he said. Credit: Dylan deHaas via Storyful

Video transcript