Diver Plays Underwater Tug of War With Feisty Octopus

A diver sparred with a feisty octopus in Australia’s Coral Sea on June 14.

After almost losing one camera to a large cod recently, diver Dean Cropp had to guard his equipment from a little cephalopod determined to snatch his GoPro.

The amusing video shows Dean Cropp swimming behind the octopus to take a selfie for his Instagram account, @barefootcaptain. The footage then shows the octopus wrapping itself all over the recording device to try and snatch it from the diver.

The two then engaged in a playful game of underwater tug of war, where Cropp quickly realized that he was at an appendage disadvantage.

“It was impossible to keep track of all eight arms,” he told Storyful. “Remove one and two more would curl around my camera and up my arm.”

Cropp said that the creature “super smart and very strong” and tried to snatch the camera twice more, while “standing tall on the coral like she was the queen of the reef.” Credit: Dean Cropp via Storyful

Video transcript