Diver's Lamp Lights Up Feast for Hungry Squid

A marine biologist who was diving under Rye Pier in Rosebud, Australia, documented how a clever squid used her lamps to its gain for spotting and capturing prey.

Sheree Marris told Storyful that while some animals are attracted to light, “other marine predators use it as an opportunity to highlight and hunt prey in the water.”

She said that on that particular night, the little cephalopod, which she identified as being a southern calamari squid, was having an “absolute feast” using her video lights to “spot and nab itself a free feed.”

Southern calamari squid are often found under piers and jetties, and have been known to approach divers in order to feed on the fish and crustaceans attracted to their lights. Credit: Sheree Marris via Storyful

Video transcript