Divided Cabinet: Who backs no-deal and who supports a softer Brexit?

As Theresa May battles to win Brexit compromises from the EU, she is also struggling to hold together a warring Cabinet that is deeply divided over how best to leave the bloc.

While some Eurosceptic ministers favour a no-deal Brexit, Remainers are advocating the softest exit possible with continuing close ties to the EU.

The issue of the Customs Union continues to split Tories.

Eurosceptics despise the idea, saying it would leave the UK subject to rules from Brussels and unable to negotiate trade deals.

Soft Brexiteers argue a Customs Union will allow trade to continue and prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

So, who in the Cabinet could move to support a Customs Union, and who is against (and who is waiting for the right time to try and topple the Prime Minister)?