DJ Akademiks advises Diddy to come out as gay or trans to 'get out of this situation'

DJ Akademiks; Sean Combs aka Diddy
DJ Akademiks; Sean Combs aka Diddy

One thing about DJ Akademiks: you can always count on him for the worst possible advice.

Record executive and rapper Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, is currently under investigation for several accusations related to physical assault, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, and possession of drugs, among other crimes. During an episode from the Off the Record podcast — in which NBA star and Khloé Kardashian's ex-husband Lamar Odom was interviewed — Akademiks brought up Diddy's allegations.

"I say there's three ways Diddy can get out of his situation. I don't know about the feds, the feds might still get him," Akademiks said. "[Number] one, he's got to come out. Tell the whole world that he'd been gay, or been bi, or that, really, he always identified as a woman. That's one way."

The podcast host continued, "Second way is to say that he had mental health issues. (…) And, you know, that he's been seeking therapy… this, that, and the third. The last way is to say that he apologizes, but all his actions [were] because he was touched as a child. These are the only three ways."

Akademiks argued that, if Diddy revealed he had been molested as a child, "people would be like, 'You know what? You got f*cked to.'"

There's a lot to unpack here, but two things stand out the most. First, none of Akademiks' "ideas" seem to be real things that Diddy has gone through and/or was willing to talk about in the past. The implication is that Diddy could use these identifiers or stories in an attempt to justify and/or exonerate himself, as if coming out as gay, bi, or trans would immediately serve as valid excuses for the incredibly dangerous behavior that he's been allegedly engaging in for many years.

Secondly, Akademiks himself talked about how none of these "excuses" could help Diddy in the criminal charges he's facing. All of these suggestions are meant for Diddy to "get out of this situation" in terms of public perception — which should be the rapper's most unimportant concern while he faces an endless list serious accusations about actual crimes.

While there's obviously an argument to be made about how the justice system works for Black people in the U.S., that examination clearly and obviously does not apply to Diddy's situation. And to suggest that people have successfully "gotten away with" crimes of this nature by coming out as gay and/or trans, or by revealing that they were molested as children… is not only incredibly insulting, but also absolutely inaccurate. For a podcast host to openly discuss these serious things as tactics that lead to a hypothetical "forgiveness" from the public (but not from law enforcement) has got to be the wildest and most nonsensical thing we've heard all year.

You can watch DJ Akademiks' full Off the Record podcast interview with Lamar Odom below.

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