DJ Khaled Talks 'True Brotherhood' with Drake, Viral Jordans Moment and Reveals 'Massive' Collabs on Album (Exclusive)

DJ Khaled, who's partnering with DJEEP lighters, tells PEOPLE his upcoming album will reflect "everything I've been through in life"

<p>Mike Coppola/Getty Images for DJEEP Lighters</p> DJ Khaled in New York City on March 21, 2024

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for DJEEP Lighters

DJ Khaled in New York City on March 21, 2024

For DJ Khaled, "we the best" is more than a catchphrase — it's a lifestyle.

Speaking to PEOPLE in light of his newly launched partnership with DJEEP lighters, the Grammy-winner opened up about living with a light-your-passions mentality and revealed new details about his forthcoming album.

Khaled, whose last LP was 2022's GOD DID, is currently gearing up to release his 14th album. Though several details about the album remain under wraps, the music producer revealed he's got some exciting features in store.

"I got two Drake songs and one's ready to go — both of them are so incredible," Khaled, 48, tells PEOPLE exclusively, adding that "the new album title is coming very soon as well, and it's going to be the most powerful album title ever."

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He adds, "The other day I was in the studio with 21 Savage and I went, 'I feel like I got the hardest 21 Savage verses right now.' You know what I'm saying? I'll give you one more. Travis Scott. We did something so crazy too."

The "All I Do Is Win" performer also revealed that the concept of the album is "everything I've been through in life."

"From the beginning to now, and where we're going is on this album. It's the same feeling I had when I was making my first two albums," he says. "When you love creating, it comes out different. I've been doing music my whole life and it doesn't matter what it is, I would still be making it. I just love making music. It's going to be massive."

On collaborating with Drake — with whom he previously worked on "For Free," "Popstar," "I'm on One" and "No New Friends" to name a few — Khaled says their friendship is bigger than music.

<p>DJEEP Lighters</p> DJ Khaled

DJEEP Lighters

DJ Khaled

"Our friendship is true brotherhood. We relate to each other in so many ways. We inspire each other, both of us. I tell him he inspires me. He has no problem telling me I inspire him. We brothers, and not just him. His whole family, his crew, I consider them my team," he says.

Khaled continues, "He is such a beautiful man, such a talented person, but also he is one of a kind. There's no way there's another Drake out there. It's impossible. It's just impossible. The same way there's not another Khaled out there."

On his partnership with DJEEP, the "Wild Thoughts" musician felt it was only natural.

"I mean, anybody that knows Khaled knows that Khaled always carries a lighter. Every time I hear one of my big songs, I flick that lighter. If I'm creating a new song, I'm flicking that lighter," he says. "If I'm in a concert, I'm flicking that lighter. But also I love to play golf. I like to smoke a cigar on the golf course."

Adding, "It's also about the experience. Light up the passion, ignite the passion. That's what it's about."

Where does that passion come from, you may ask? Khaled narrows it down to a simple answer: "The G-O-D. The God."

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In February, a video of Khaled being carried by his security guards went viral on social media. In the video, two security guards carried him from his car to the stage in order to keep his Air Jordans clean for a performance at the 2024 South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami.

Reflecting on that moment, Khaled says "it's very simple — I love my sneakers."

"It's part of our culture that we love our sneakers. We don't want nobody to step on our sneakers. We don't want to get our sneakers dirty. I was wearing a pair of exclusive Jordans that aren't even out yet," he says.

"I'm like, 'Man, they got the sand. I don't want to get the sand on it.' My team and my brothers, anything they would do for me, I would do for them 10 times," he concluded. "We just show each other love. We was having fun at the same time."

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