Doctor Who boss reacts to 'disappointment' over Wild Blue Yonder secrecy

david tennant, doctor who wild blue yonder
Doctor Who boss explains Wild Blue Yonder secrecyBBC

Doctor Who spoilers follow.

Doctor Who's Russell T Davies has addressed the secrecy surrounding his second 60th anniversary special that aired over the weekend.

Subtitled Wild Blue Yonder, the new episode went all Jordan Peele on us by pitting David Tennant's Time Lord and Catherine Tate's companion Donna Noble against sinister copies of themselves.

Ahead of its broadcast, showrunner Davies decided to keep both plot and cast details under lock and key, much to the apparent disappointment of Whovians.

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"We kept this very secret. I think that might have had an unfortunate effect. I think everyone's expecting Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and the ghost of William Hartnell," he said on The Official Doctor Who Podcast.

"Actually I kept this secret for a very simple reason, because I think it's nice to keep some episodes secret, but also because this is the simplest one of the lot. If you describe this episode, they arrive on the spaceship and they meet evil versions of themselves, that's it.

"Do they win? Yes they do, of course they do."

david tennant, doctor who wild blue yonder

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Doubling down on the simplicity conundrum, Davies went on to add: "I mean with [first special] The Star Beast, the Meep turns out to be evil and actually that's about Donna.

"The other episodes are more complicated; this is so simple. And that's why I kept it secret, but I wonder if that's had an unfortunate effect and made it disappointingly simple on its broadcast."

Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder is available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with the next special (titled The Giggle) airing on Saturday, December 9. The show airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere.

Classic episodes of Doctor Who are now made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK as well.

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