Doctor explains why men shouldn't worry as average penis size 'is growing'

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According to urologist Dr Blanca Madurga, the average penis size among men may be growing as a result of our increased height. In her new book, Everything You Need to Know About the Penis and Never Dared to Ask, she debunks various misconceptions surrounding the penis including circumcision.

Promoting the novel, the health specialist claims that the average penis size has potentially increased "because we are taller now". She explains: "We now have a very high protein diet and that means that young people nowadays are very tall, they mature very early, earlier than they did 50 years ago, so the penis, in line with the rest of the body, grows more."

Implying current averages, Dr Madurga suggests an erect penis usually measures between 12-15cms, but strongly advises men not to worry too much about its size.

She shared: "It is important to know that you only need a penis of 6 centimetres in erection to achieve satisfactory penetration.

"A woman's vagina measures 10 centimetres and where it is most sensitive and gives the most pleasure is in the anterior third, so with 6 centimetres (if she doesn't have a very big belly) you reach the zone of maximum pleasure. It's not a question of size, it's a question of knowing how to use it."

To make things even more intriguing, Dr Madurga shared another fascinating discovery from Japanese researchers who have reportedly discovered a connection between a man's nose and penis.

"The only thing that has been demonstrated so far is a relationship between the size of the penis and the size of the nose," she explained, reports the Daily Star.

"There is a Japanese paper that I mention in the book that found a relationship between penis size and nose size, because they both form inside the mother's womb.

"So even in the ultrasound of a pregnant woman you can see whether the size of the penis is normal or not," she told Spain's La Voz de Galicia.

"It is believed that this relationship comes because, after all, the nose and the penis develop inside the uterus, depending on the mother's testosterone levels during pregnancy."

Addressing the myth that big feet or a massive thumb might indicate a person's penis size, the urologist said there's no solid evidence to back it up.

Furthermore, Blanca said one of the most common tales she's heard is all about how the organ performs.

Dr Madurga stated that while many believe you need to have "powerful erections" and if your "penis fails", it's "a sign of weakness", this isn't the case.

She added: "Not to mention the size of the penis, because when we start with measurements, men love each other very little, they always see it as small and since childhood they compare it to each other at school."