Doctor Who Fans Think Ruby's Mother Could Be A Legendary Character, And This Theory Is Blowing My Mind

 Millie Gibson on Doctor Who.
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Doctor Who's inaugural season on Disney+ will end this Friday, and after the shocking return of the classic villain from Tom Baker's era, viewers are hoping for one other big reveal. We're still waiting to find out the identity of Ruby Sunday's mother, and with the Time Window restarting upon her entering it, I have a feeling we'll find out who she is in the season finale. Now, a fan has given their thoughts on who her biological mom could be ahead of the episode's arrival on the 2024 TV schedule, and I think it's worth talking out.

Many are talking after a recent Reddit theory from L0g1cw1z4rd suggested Ruby's mother is a legendary Doctor Who character we haven't seen on the show in a while. It sounds wild, but hey, so did the rumors of the bi-generation before we saw it happen, so in this wibbly-wobbly world, anything is possible.

Alex Kingston as River Song in Doctor Who's
Alex Kingston as River Song in Doctor Who's

Ruby Sunday's Mother Could Be River Song

The Redditor made a case that Doctor Who is laying breadcrumbs for the eventual reveal that Ruby's mother is fellow time traveler River Song, who is also the daughter of former companion Amy Pond and The Doctor's latest wife. Actress Alex Kingston did tease last year that River could return to the series in the future, but considering former Doctor Who cast members who have moved on make that tease all the time, I wouldn't blame anyone for taking her words with a grain of salt.

It's a wild theory, but as mentioned, there are possible clues that this reveal is on the way. Maestro mentioned Ruby has a "song" in her. Also, don't forget the constant talk about family this season and Kate Stewart asking The Doctor how he met his granddaughter before his actual children. There's also a possibility Mrs. Flood is tied to this, given the theme of names involving bodies of water, but I suspect that Mrs. Flood is someone else.

It's a fun theory, albeit one we shouldn't assume is truth. However, if it turns out to be right, I'll freak out.

Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson in Doctor Who
Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson in Doctor Who

Could The Doctor's New Companion Also Be His Daughter?

The biggest reveal of River Song being Ruby's mother would be the implication that The Doctor is Ruby's father. Given that the time lord and River only linked up for brief stretches when they'd run across each other in time, I'd believe she could be pregnant without him knowing.

We also know that The Doctor has an admitted aversion to visiting his family out of fear he'd endanger their lives. Perhaps River intentionally hid herself to force the Doctor into getting to know Ruby, because if he knew it was his daughter, he would've been sure not to interfere any further than his saving her from the Goblins.

Now, with Ruby firmly on board as his companion, it'd be much harder for him to leave his biological daughter in the dust. I'm not wholly convinced this is the big twist for who Ruby's mother is, though I do agree with the consensus it has to be someone the Doctor Who audience would know. Otherwise, why would it matter whether we can see her face?

Hopefully, Doctor Who will reveal the answer to this question in the upcoming season finale, which premieres for those with a Disney+ subscription on Friday, June 21st at 7:00 p.m. ET. I'm excited to see how The Doctor will get out of this big jam against the latest Pantheon god and how this could pave the way to the Christmas special later this year.