Doctor Who reveals new Susan Twist role in upcoming episode

susan twist in doctor who's dot and bubble
Doctor Who reveals new Susan Twist roleBBC

Doctor Who spoilers follow.

Doctor Who has confirmed another role for recurring guest star Susan Twist.

The actor has appeared throughout the 60th-anniversary episodes and season 14, most recently playing an interplanetary ambulance's AI interface in last weekend's episode 'Boom'.

With Susan set to appear again this weekend in '73 Yards', the BBC has announced that she will unsurprisingly return for episode 5, 'Dot and Bubble', on June 1 as well.

This time, Susan has been cast as the descriptively-named Penny Pepper-Bean, alongside fellow guest stars Callie Cooke (Cheaters), Tom Rhys Harries (Suspicion), Eilidh Loan (How to Have Sex) and Aldous Ciokajlo Squire (Everything Now).

doctor who christmas special the church on ruby road
Susan as Heckler in The Church on Ruby RoadBBC

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Here's the mysterious synopsis: "The world of Finetime seems happy and harmonious. But an awful terror is preying on the citizens. Can the Doctor and Ruby make them see the truth before it’s too late?"

Viewers should expect some wackiness in this episode, as it will feature unusual character names like Dr Pee (Max Boast), Hoochy Pie (Niamh Lynch) and Gothic Paul (Pete MacHale).

The story brings to mind the classic serial 'The Happiness Patrol' — where The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester Mccoy) uncovered the dark underbelly of a seemingly perfect society under the thumb of dictator Helen A (Sheila Hancock).

'Dot and Bubble' is another Russell T Davies-penned episode, and has been directed by Dylan Holmes Williams after the filmmaker's debut on '73 Yards'.

susan twist in doctor who's dot and bubble
Susan as Ambulance in BoomBBC

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Davies has recently offered some hints about what awaits The Doctor and Ruby in finale episode 'Empire of Death', as it features "the strangest villain you’ll ever see".

"You have to come and watch – even in an interview like this, it’s hard to describe. You’ve got to come and watch episode four to understand what’s going on," he told Radio Times.

Doctor Who debuts new episodes at midnight on Saturday, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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