Doctor Who sees battle with a Dalek in New Year’s Day special

The Dalek is the Time Lord's most well known enemy,

Doctor Who’s New Year’s Day special saw the return of the show’s most famous enemy – the Dalek.

New Time Lord Jodie Whittaker faced off against the monster in the special one-off episode Resolution, which aired on BBC One on Tuesday.

Whittaker said she was delighted that the classic villain made an appearance in her first series in control of the Tardis.

“It’s the one thing everyone associates, apart from the Doctor, with the show so for that to be in my first season is really exciting,” the actress said in a clip posted on Doctor Who’s Twitter account.

She said the space monster was “weighted with 55 years of history”.

Viewers were also thrilled to see the Dalek made its comeback.

“THE DALEK RACE IS SUPREEEEME!” Welcome back Daleks i’ve missed you!” one fan posted on Twitter.

“God, it’s so good to have the Daleks back,” said another.

Another viewer tweeted: “WHERE THE HELL WAS THAT ALL SEASON!!! This was actually good!!! We saw a Dalek back to being a THREAT slaughtering millions. No hestitation. We saw The Doctors hatred for the daleks once again! This was brilliant.”

One person posted: “What a treat #DoctorWho was this evening – fab to see Jodie face a #Dalek – and my goodness it was a right old angry thing!

“Great threat and suspense, just what we want from an episode. The next series can’t come soon enough!”

“2019 has already peaked with that Doctor Who episode,” said another fan, adding the hashtag “#Exterminate” in honour of the Dalek’s famous catchphrase.

The 11th series of the BBC sci-fi hit, and Whittaker’s first as the Time Lord, ended in December and the programme will not be back for a full run until 2020.

The show’s festive special was moved back from its regular Christmas Day slot to New Year’s Day.