Doctor Who special Wild Blue Yonder: Release date, plot and cast for next 60th Anniversary episode

The second special starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate is said to be 'weird' and 'scary'

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The next Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special is Wild Blue Yonder (BBC)

Doctor Who is back in full force and the BBC is celebrating the show's 60th anniversary with a series of specials starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as The Doctor and Donna Noble again.

The first special, The Star Beast, premiered on Saturday 25 November, but fans will be delighted to know there are still two more specials to go featuring Tennant and Tate.

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Here is everything that you need to know about the Time Lord's next adventure, Wild Blue Yonder.

When will Doctor Who special Wild Blue Yonder air?

David Tennant as The Doctor in Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder. (BBC)
David Tennant as The Doctor in Wild Blue Yonder, where the TARDIS takes the Doctor and Donna further than its ever been before. (BBC)

Wild Blue Yonder will premiere on BBC One and air live on BBC iPlayer on Saturday, 2 December at 6.30pm, right before a new episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

What is Doctor Who special Wild Blue Yonder about?

Wild Blue Yonder is described by showrunner Russell T Davies as "weird" and "scary" in comparison to The Star Beast, which was designed to be a fun, family-friendly tale.

The special sees the Doctor and Donna find themselves at the furthest reaches of the universe, where the pair must use their wits and skill to desperately find a way to survive, all while the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

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Speaking at a press event for the show's 60th anniversary, Davies said: ""Wild Blue Yonder [is] where the TARDIS goes further than ever before, and it's weird, it's scary.

"I wanted [The Star Beast] to be a great big Pixar family film, like a bank holiday film that's exactly what it is. So it's all the family watching, a lot of laughs, funny monster, The Meep's hilarious.

Doctor Who (BBC)
The Doctor and Donna will have to fight for their lives to survive the events of the episode, which also puts the fate of the universe in the balance (BBC)

"The second one is darker, weird and it's not scary it's weird. It's genuinely weird."

It is expected that Wild Blue Yonder will also set the stage for The Toymaker's grand entrance, the villain was last seen on the sci-fi series in the 1960s when William Hartnell took on the role of The Doctor, and the third special The Giggle will feature Neil Patrick Harris in the role.

Who stars in Doctor Who special Wild Blue Yonder?

Tennant and Tate will continue to portray The Doctor and Donna in Wild Blue Yonder, and they will be joined by Susan Twist in the role of Mrs Merridew.

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The episode's full cast has not yet been confirmed aside from these three actors, however Davies has teased that stars like Strictly Come Dancing judge Shirley Ballas will appear in one of the 60th anniversary specials.

Fans also know that the late Bernard Cribbins filmed scenes for the show as Donna's granddad Wilfred Mott prior to his death in July 2022, though his appearance may be saved for the last of the specials: The Giggle.

Is there a trailer for Doctor Who special Wild Blue Yonder?

Yes, a teaser trailer for Wild Blue Yonder was released following the launch of The Star Beast on Saturday, 25 November.

Watch the trailer below:

The Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturdays at 6.30pm.