Doctors spoilers: Will The Mill WIN the Campus Surgery bid?

 Doctors spoilers, Bear Sylvester, Zara Carmichael, Suni Bulsara.
Doctors spoilers, Bear Sylvester, Zara Carmichael, Suni Bulsara.

It's D-Day for The Mill as the surgery practice partners get ready to give their pitch for the Campus Surgery contract on Doctors (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Zara Carmichael (played by Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) and Bear Sylvester (Dex Lee) are trying to stay positive after finding out from Suni Bulsara (Rahul Arya) about competing medical company, Trelawney Wells.

Trelawney Wells have some BIG money behind their bid.

But they are planning to move the surgery off Campus if they win the contract.

So Zara, Bear and Suni have a plan to put the case forward for continued quick and easy access to local medical services.

At the University of Letherbridge, Zara, Bear and Suni face stern board members including Myrna Fitzwilliam (Tracy Collier).

Suni starts his pitch with a joke... that goes down like a lead balloon!

As Myrna asks Suni some tough questions, he begins to stumble...

Will it all go from bad to WORSE from there?

Doctors spoilers, Myrna Fitzwilliam
Doctors spoilers, Myrna Fitzwilliam

Scarlett Kiernan (Kia Pegg) remains worried after being struck by a panic attack during her a practice driving test with Rob Hollins (Chris Walker).

Scarlett fears she'll never manage to pass the REAL driving test.

On today's episode of the BBC daytime drama, receptionist Scarlett confides in surgery counsellor, Jimmi Clay (Adrian Lewis Morgan).

Scarlett feels under pressure that if she doesn't pass her driving test, she may not be allowed to carry on making VPAS visits.

Scarlett is sceptical when Jimmi offers to give her some coping techniques to help with her fears.

Will she agree to give them a go?

Doctors spoilers, Scarlett Kiernan
Doctors spoilers, Scarlett Kiernan

Sid Vere (Ashley Rice) has an appointment to see retired school teacher, Edwin Saddler (Mark Elstob), to remove a lipoma in the Minor Surgery Unit at The Mill.

But will the simple medical procedure ever get done when Edwin's daughter, Carol (Katharine Bennett-Fox), struggles to get her nervous dad to enter the surgery.

Is it possible that Edwin has a phobia of doctors?

Doctors spoilers, Edwin Saddler, Sid Vere
Doctors spoilers, Edwin Saddler, Sid Vere

Doctors continues Monday to Thursday at 1:45pm on BBC One.

All the latest episodes are also available to stream on BBC iPlayer