So, who does Cressida Cowper marry in the Bridgerton books?

Name a character who has more bad luck in Bridgerton than Cressida Cowper. Yeah, I'll wait. In season one she was rejected by Prince Friedrich in favour of the season's diamond Daphne. In season two, her chance at marrying Jack Featherington was taken away by Mrs Featherington (although in hindsight, probably for the best). And in season three, Lord Debling heavily favours Penelope over her. Honestly, the woman can't catch a break. But who does Cressida end up marrying in the books?

Cressida has made regular appearances since the first season of Bridgerton in 2020, often seen as the queen bee (and often a bully) of the social set, but who has bad luck with men, and in the most recent season we've come to see her softer side. We come to understand her relationship with her parents is tense, with Cressida facing a lot of pressure to get married this season and we also come to realise she's pretty lonely, hence why she values her friendship with Eloise so highly.

And I don't know if I'm just getting soft in my old age, but I'd really like to see her to have a happy ending. While we won't know Cressida's future in the show until the second part drops in June later this year, we can look at the original Bridgerton books the series is based on by Julia Quinn to find out who she marries in the book.


So if you're just as nosy as us, here's who Cressida ends up marrying in Bridgerton.

Who does Cressida marry in the Bridgerton books?

Ok, so in the book series Cressida actually ends up getting married before the events of the fourth book Romancing Mr Bridgerton which is Colin and Penelope's book.

She marries in the third Bridgerton book An Offer From a Gentleman, which is Benedict's story. In the novel she marries a character called Lord Twombley, who has not yet been introduced in the TV series. Sadly, her husband dies and she becomes a struggling widow.

Wondering why she doesn't marry Lord Debling (Lord Debling) after Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) rejects him? Well that's because he's a character specifically made for the TV series.

eloise and cressida
Liam Daniel - Netflix

Right now it's not known if the TV series will stick to the book series, in which case we could still be waiting a while for Cressida to tie the knot. Or perhaps it will deviate from the series and we will see Cressida marry Lord Debling, or maybe a completely different suitor all together.

Some fans are theorising that different suitor could in fact be Eloise (Claudia Jessie), with many perceiving their new friendship as queer-coded. And when Jessica Madsen who plays Cressida was asked about this possible theory by Decider she seemed keen for the storyline.

"I absolutely love that. That would be the best!" she said. "Yeah, I mean, that would be cool. I like to think it would make sense because, like, she hasn’t bagged a guy. So, like, why not a gal? But yeah, I have really no idea."

Ok, we're ready and waiting for this to happen.

Bridgerton season three part one is available on Netflix now

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