When does editing photos become a problem? Join The Independent Debate as Kate Middleton apologises

Several of the world’s biggest news agencies pulled the picture (Prince of Wales )
Several of the world’s biggest news agencies pulled the picture (Prince of Wales )

It’s the photo that’s got everyone talking, but what’s the problem with Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day snap? If there even is one...

Several of the world’s biggest news agencies have pulled the picture of Kate, the Princess of Wales, and her three children from circulation after concerns were raised about image manipulation.

Kensington Palace shared the image on Sunday, making it the first official photo of the princess since her abdominal surgery nearly two months ago.

The start of 2024 has seen rife speculation over Kate’s whereabouts, with members of the public expressing concern for her health.

However, efforts to quieten the gossip backfired when royal observers noticed inconsistencies in the photo, leading to claims that it had been manipulated.

But is there a problem with the Royals using editing tools for their official photographs? And, more generally, when does the manipulation of an image become a moral issue?

Is the furore around the snap much ado about nothing? Or does it speak to a wider problem around transparency in the Royal Family?

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