'Does It Look Like It Might Belong There?': Police Chase Kangaroo on the Loose in Texas

Texas police shared a hilarious call they received from a perplexed resident about a “kangaroo” on the loose in Lufkin on Sunday, May 19.

Dashcam footage shared by the Lufkin Police Department shows police cruisers crossing paths with the meandering marsupial, which the caller’s wife initially mistook for a dog.

“Does it look like it might belong there?” a puzzled-sounding operator is heard asking.

Police said that “Kangaroo Jack” was seen hopping along Fuller Springs Drive on a “Sunday stroll” after a gate was accidentally left open.

They added the escaped critter was safely return to its owners after giving neighbors a surprise. Credit: Lufkin Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

Police department.

Yes, ma'am.

I don't know who I need to call.

I couldn't find an animal control number that was open.

Um, I'm right here on Fuller Springs drive at 206 and 2006.

And there's a kangaroo that come up the road and crossed right here.


Does it look like it might belong there?

No, it come up the road.

It, it's, um, um, I just, my wife's like, why is that dog standing in the middle of the road turned to go.

We're on our way to go eat breakfast.

And I look, and I'm like, that's a freaking kangaroo and it starts popping, coming down the road, coming back from like black area.