'It Doesn't Even Look Real!': French Bulldog Gets Testy With Cat Statue

A French bulldog named Milo got a bit testy when confronted by, eh, a cat statue during a family visit in Divernon, Illinois.

Tyler Craig Carraro told Storyful the video showed his dog Milo “holding his ground against the inanimate object.”

Carraro said that Milo discovered the statue while visiting his parents’ house.

This footage shows Milo barking at the statue while he cautiously approaches it.

“It’s a statue, chill out,” Carraro’s mother, Linda Quinlan-Bolash, can be heard saying.
“It doesn’t even look real.” Credit: Tyler Craig Carraro via Storyful

Video transcript


- It's a statue. Chill out.


Don't you feel stupid now?


Milo. It doesn't even look-- it doesn't even look real.


You're weird.