What your dog breed really says about you

A miniature schnauzer
A miniature schnauzer -Credit:Getty Images

They say you can tell a lot about the owners by their dog, and according to a veterinary expert, that couldn't be more true. Whether you're a 'bossy' Schnauzer owner to a 'unique' Dalmatian lover who enjoys standing out from the crowd, she reveals exactly what your dog breed reveals about you.

In the clip posted to TikTok, the dog guru named McKenna discusses the Schnauzer, which she admits she loves, despite the fact they're "so bossy."

"They truly believe they are guard dogs and will tell you what they want when they want it," she says.

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For anyone that owns this breed of dog, McKenna predicts that you're likely a leader in the fashion industry, adding that your dog matches your "strong personality." Next up is the Shetland Sheepdog, also known as the Sheltie, which she praises for being "amazing listeners" and "very obedient."

According to the vet tech, if you own this dog breed then chances are you're super empathetic and are the go-to person that friends call when they're in need of some advice. She also discusses the "intelligent" Poodle which she compares to a human being trapped in a dog's body.

McKenna notes how the loyal breed are happy to follow you wherever you go and will be your best friend - adding that no matter how big they grow, they're the best companions. Regarding the German Shorthair Pointer, McKenna confesses that she's encountered very few that have been well-behaved.

If you own this breed of working dog, the vet tech suggests you're likely someone who wants to project an image of being an outdoor enthusiast.

Next, McKenna opines that dog owners who choose a Dobermann are typically seeking a "tough-looking" pet that is actually a softy at heart. From her experiences with the breed, she observes that they utilise their intimidating appearance when necessary, but are generally playful dogs that enjoy acting silly.

Then there's the "challenging" Dalmatian. If you own one of these, McKenna predicts that you're someone who enjoys standing out from the crowd. "Your dog matches your unique individualism," she said.

As for Bernese Mountain dog owners, whom she describes as gentle giants, the vet tech assumes that you're probably a fan of The Office or Friends, are super relaxed and possess a great sense of humour.

The post has since gone viral, amassing an impressive 1.1 million views and numerous comments from pet owners - many of whom shared their own personal experiences. "Cocker spaniel crosses are the best family dog. Don't shed. Super smart. Super loving and cuddly. Never met a bad cockapoo," one person wrote.

A second commented: "I have a Berner and this is spot on! GET ONE! Dalmatian and pretty spot on."

Wonderful dogs if you're aware of the health issues and exercise needs. "Another commenter shared their thoughts, writing: "I have a Bernese.

I'm convinced there is not a single thought between her little eyebrows. "Meanwhile, a third commenter wrote: "I have a Schnauzer poodle mix. I feel every ounce of what you said in my soul. ".